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The 321 Effect

Feed Your body & Soul

The revolutionary way of getting to the core of your relationship with food and improving your mental and physical wellbeing.

The 321 Effect is not a diet, it is a guide to improving all aspects of your life, from food and drink to anxiety and depression.

The structured yet flexible way to create a healthy, happy relationship with your body and mind.

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Eating a plant based diet can do wonders for your general health aswell as making a positive impact on the planet and our animals.

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The 321 Effect isn't just about being healthy and eating green food, it's a way of finding that balance of feeling healthy and being happy.

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What You Can Expect

How it Works Get Started

A healthier lifestyle, A happier mindset. Create positive habits, become more active, and feel energised. A heartier way to eat. Never feel deprived, eat anything you want to. Easy to follow eating guide that gives you flexibility and freedom. Structred enough that you can lose weight and feel great. Change your outlook, feel more positive and at peace.

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The 321 Effect comes with a range of fantastic resources and delicious recipes to help you on your journey to a happy, healthy and hearty life.

We created The 321 Effect to bring about positive change to the world. As well as altering the way we think about food and ourselves, every month we'll make a difference by donating 10% of membership proceeds to a charity chosen by The 321 Effect community.

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