Our Blog is the place to discuss, learn and tackle the problems we all face.

As 321 Effect coaches, part of our job is to help members overcome negativity in their lives and make the 321 effect community stronger.

We'll be posting blogs based around our own experiences and how we've got through hard times. We are always keen to hear your stories too, so don't be afraid to contact us and help us shape The 321 Effect conversation.

My New Years Resolutions

Post By : Abbie 8

I don’t know about you but I have never actually stuck to New Year&rsqu....

How to be naturally active

Post By : Francesca 11

We’ve all seen them, those “active people”. They are usuall....

Mental Health Help

Post By : Luke 8

Opening up to people about the things you are going through or have gone thro....

Its cool to be kind

Post By : Ruby 15

When I started Secondary school last year I had mixed emotions about it. I wa....

Social Media

Post By : Abbie 15

In 2017 I went travelling around the world for 9 months and the experience wa....

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