What is The 321 Effect?
The 321 Effect is a new way to look at food and your lifestyle.

We created the 321 effect because we know conventional high pressure diets don't make us feel good; either on the inside or out. So we've figured out ways to bring about happiness and healthiness by rethinking our connection with food.

This is not a miracle cure or a gruelling physical routine; it's not about stopping you eating food either - it's about celebrating it.

Through our recipes, meal plans and our 321 ratio, we provide our members with the structure they need to follow their journey to mindful eating and ultimately, happier living.
Our tools give you inspiration and support to carve out your own path to being healthier day-to-day; without having to compromise on the food you love.

But The 321 Effect doesn't just deal with how we eat. We've designed tools to inspire and support our members in the discovery of their own inner-self to help remove the pressure from their relationship with food for good.

Healthy Food

1/2 of your plate

Hearty Food

1/3 of your plate

Happy Food

1/6 of your plate

You can try out some of our recipes and meal plans for free. Why not take a look?

Subscribed members also have full access to The Mind Effect

A space where we've handpicked our favourite wellbeing videos, audio and other content to help them along their 321 effect journey.

Are you Vegan? Then you should check out the vegan version of the 321 Effect here.

Membership Includes

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  • Happy Calorie Calculator
The Mind Effect
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