Like our bodies after exercise, our minds need a break from processing all that complex information picked up in our daily lives. We can do this by releasing our thoughts momentarily; creating a peaceful space for our mind, body and soul to reconnect.

Even if you're an experienced meditator or completely new to it like we were, it won't surprise you that finding the best meditation is personal. This is why we have given you such a wide range of the best meditations out there. Below we've pulled together a selection of great meditation videos that we adore and feel work with The 321 Effect ethos and get you feeling the zen.

Are we missing a great meditation video? Let us know.

In our humble opinion, the world doesn't meditate enough. If people meditated more, we think the world would be a much happier place.

In our story we talk about how meditation changed our lives and ultimately led us to creating The 321 Effect. So it's only right that we made it a central part of the 321 Effect experience

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