Charity Donations

We created The 321 Effect to bring about positive change to the world. As well as altering the way we think about food and ourselves, every month we'll make a difference by donating 10% of membership proceeds to a charity chosen by The 321 Effect Community.

If you're already a 321 effect member, don't hesitate to contact us with your charity of choice.

Get Something Back

To show our appreciation of the 321 Effect community, we'll be running a prize draw every month to celebrate those members who have been shouting about us.

Every time a member shares, likes or loves us online, we'll put them in the running to win lovely spa days, awesome hampers and vouchers.

Get Something New

We've also partnered up with various companies to bring you classes and services that we think are great. You can find all of our recommendations in the Activity and Wellbeing Directory.

App Coming Soon!