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What is the 321 Effect? How does it work? The 321 Effect is a membership programme that offers guidance and inspiration for fitness, spirituality and mental wellbeing. Using a ratio of 3 part Healthy foods, 2 part Hearty and 1 part Happy. We want people to feel great and lose weight whilst still enjoying their food.
What do I get with membership? As a member you can use all of our recipes and shopping lists alongside our tools to help you keep track of your exercise and wellbeing activities.

This information is stored in a personalised account designed to make it simple to compare and contrast your fitness, mental health and food intake and monitor your progress.

You will also have access to hand-selected videos and talks to inspire physical and mental wellbeing across a range of areas.

Recipes, Shopping Lists & Meal Plans
Food Directory
Nutritional Calculator
Access to online coaches
Personalised Daily & Weekly
Happy Calorie Calculator Guidelines
Daily Diary
Yoga & Exercise videos
Audio Meditations
Discounts on classes, our online store & partners
How much is it to sign up? We have 3 period options: Weekly, Monthly and Quarterly.

Weekly: £3.99
Monthly: £12.99 (working out as £3.24 per week)
Quarterly: £34.99 (working out as £2.18 per week)
How do I pay for membership? On our Membership page choose your option and you'll be taken through a secure payment where we'll ask for your card details. This is always a one-off payment - not a Direct Debit and with no hidden fees.
What happens after I make a payment? You gain instant access to your 321 Effect account and all of our food related features, tools and videos.
What happens when my membership expires? All memberships will automatically cease at the end of the chosen period, if you do not wish to renew your membership you do not need to do anything. If you do wish to continue your membership you just select a new membership period and pick up where you left off.
How do I cancel membership? All memberships will automatically cease at the end of the chosen period, if you do not wish to renew your membership you do not need to do anything.
How to I speak to someone at 321 Effect? You can contact us about anything relating to the 321 Effect. Just by fill out this quick form and we'll aim to get back to you as possible.
What is the 321 Effect? As well as the name of the programme, the 321 Effect is our collection of recipes shopping lists and meal plans that include meat and fish. Available to all active members.
What is the Vegan 321 Effect? The Vegan Effect is a set of recipes, shopping lists and meal plans for a vegan diet which are available to all active members.
Features What is the Mind Effect? The Mind Effect is our hub of videos and ideas geared towards mental wellbeing. We continuously update new videos from Yoga, Mindfulness, Exercise and Meditation.
Can I gain access to features separately? All of these features are included in a payment option. To really feel the 321 Effect, we believe that you need to be thinking about dietary and mental aspects to wellbeing.
What do I get when I try the 321 Effect for free? You can download a week's shopping list with recipes and meal plans to try us out first. This is available for both 321 Effect and the Vegan 321 Effect.
How do the Charity Donations work? 10% of our membership fee proceeds with be donated to a charity decided by one of our members. We do this every month.
How does the Get Something Back draw work? Every month we want to reward members who share and shout about us online. So we enter these members into a draw to win great prizes.
What is the Activity & Wellbeing Directory? This is where you can find an array of classes to take part in. Search by category to find something to suit you and look out for discounts with selected partners.

We've rounded up our favourite classes and clubs for you to take part in with money off of some of our partners.
Food What do the food categories 'Healthy', 'Hearty' & 'Happy' mean? This is how we categorise different different types of food for our 321 ratio. We've done this so you're not constantly thinking about the maths of dieting. This breakdown makes it easier to think about what you're eating.

Healthy foods are low calorie but high in nutrition staples. We make sure our plates are at least made up of ½ Healthy. To make it easy to remember all fruits, vegetables, beans and peas are healthy.

Hearty foods make up ⅓ of our plates. These are mainly foods high in carbs and protein, things like meat, fish, tofu, bread and rice.

Happy foods are our tasty treats that make up ⅙ of our meals, we use our happy calorie guideline to help us decide what to eat.

We have also added a category called Happier. These foods are higher in calories but are also highly nutritious, such as cheese, nuts and seeds. Because of the benefits of Happier food you only need to count half the amount of calories.
Can you tell me more about the nutritional value of your meals? All of our meal plans and recipes are designed with the Healthy, Hearty, Happy principle in mind. Along with our Nutritional and Happy Calorie Calculators, the 321 Effect aims to take the complication out of dieting.
Are your meals gluten free? Most of our recipes are gluten free, however please check each individual recipe for allergen information.
Do your recipes state if they contain allergens? Yes, each recipe has a full list of ingredients so you can make substitutions if necessary.
How many calories are in your meals? Each meal has been created to fit perfectly within the 321 ratio, and we have tried to keep happy calories as low as possible without compromising on taste. The amount of happy calories per portion is stated on each recipe.
Are there any reasons or circumstances why I shouldn't take part in 321 Effect? The 321 effect is a sensible way of eating a well-balanced diet and therefore can be followed by anybody. If you are pregnant, breastfeeding or under 18 then we recommend that you follow the plan mindfully without counting happy calories. If you have a health condition then we recommend consulting with your GP before signing up as a member incase you require any additional support.
App Where can I download the 321 Effect app? On the Apple Store or Google Play.
Is the app free? Yes. Totally free but only available to members with an active account.
What does the app do? The app is here to make it easier to stay on top of your activities when you're on the go.

Access your Diary and all your updates will be there the next time you log in on a desktop. The app also gives you easy access to the videos The Mind Effect space.
How do I access all of The 321 Through your Profile. Once you've paid for membership and set up your Account, you can
Members Tools Effect features? Customise your Profile and get started on using all of our features.
How do I use the Diary? After you've set your guidelines in your Profile, we ask you to keep track of your food and water intake along with exercise and mental wellbeing exercises.

The Diary is highly interactive, making it easy capture how you're progressing, physically and mentally, day to day.
How do I use the Food Directory? Our Food Directory allows you to quickly find out which foods are Healthy, Hearty or Happy. It'll also tell you the calorie count of certain foods, as long as we've uploaded it to our database.

You can then easily add the food to your Diary which will update your Happy calorie count automatically.

Use the search bar to find a specific food. Or toggle ingredients and restaurants to find out if a food or meal is a Happy, Hearty, Healthy rating.
How does the Happy Calorie Calculator work? Using your height, weight and age and comparing this against your activity levels, the Happy Calorie Calculator determines a recommended calorie intake for each day.

This is also connected to your Diary so it makes it easy to keep track.
How should I use the Nutritional Calculator? If you've found a food that isn't on our Food Directory, you can add in it's nutritional information here to find out whether it's Healthy, Hearty or Happy.

You can add this new data to your Diary and it'll be stored there for next time.
What is the Hunger Scale? This is our methodology to really get you thinking about how you interact with food.

Buy tuning into yourself before, during and after meal times, you can take note in your Diary of where you were on the Hunger Scale.
  If you've eaten too much or too little, or managed to get your portion and meal combo spot on; we make you aware of why that might be. So you can repeat or change your routine accordingly next time.
How do I use the Exercise page? The Exercise page has different workout videos chosen by us.

How to find the Exercise page:

  1. Log into your 321 Effect account
  2. Go to 'The Mind Effect' tab and select 'Exercise'
  3. Select a fitness video to you suit your mood.

We suggest six 30 minute sessions per week, 3 light, 2 moderate and 1 intense. You can combine them together, three 60 minute sessions, four 45 minute sessions. After a session, you can make note of it in your Diary.
How do I use the Yoga page? The Yoga page offers our members a selection of yoga videos on the web to use when they want.

How to find the Yoga page:

  1. Log into your 321 Effect account
  2. Go to 'The Mind Effect' tab and select 'Yoga'
  3. Select a yoga video to you suit your mood.

A yoga session counts as one of your 6 fitness sessions in a week. So after you're done, you can make note of it in your Diary.
How do I use the Meditation page? When you want to take a moment to meditate, you can take a look at our Meditation page.

How to find the Meditation page:

  1. Log into your 321 Effect account
  2. Go to 'The Mind Effect' tab and select 'Meditation'
  3. Select a video to meditate to.

After you've finished your session, you can add it to your Diary under wellbeing.
How do I use the Life Courses page? The Life Courses page holds a collection of videos full of wisdom from inspirational people.

How to find the Life Courses page:

  1. Log into your 321 Effect account
  2. Go to 'The Mind Effect' tab and select 'Life Courses'
  3. Select a video to get inspired by.

After you've finished your session, you can add it to your Diary under wellbeing.
My Account How do I log in to My Account for the first time? Once you've paid your membership payment, we'll ask you add your email and set up a password.

You will then receive a confirmation email, which will ask you to activate your account. Once you have activated your account, you will be able to log on and use the members section of the site.
How to update My Profile After setting up your account, you can set up your profile which includes: personal info, weight, height and age.

You can also make your entries regarding your food intake and physical and mental wellbeing activities.
Is My Profile public? No. Your profile is purely for you to track your progress. We can't even see it.

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