Are you keen to kick start a new healthier lifestyle but unsure if The 321 Effect is right for you? We have created a 7 day meal and exercise plan so that you can try it out for free.

This plan follows The 321 Effect's guidelines but feel free to make changes or swap things around to suit you, you don't need to stick to it rigidly, just use it for ideas.

To make things even easier for you we've added a shopping list of everything you need. You can print it off to take shopping with you and stick the meal plan on your fridge.

If you want to save time or money just pick the meals that you like the sound of the most and make extra portions that you can eat later in the week, or just pop in the freezer for another time.

So what are you waiting for?

Give it a go for 1 week and see how much healthier you feel.

The 321 Effect Meal Plan

Download Meal Plan Download Shopping List

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