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We're Fran and Luke, founders of The 321 Effect

There's so many diets and fitness regimes out there (many of which we've tried), all pressuring you to look and act a certain way. We wanted to find something new, something that made us feel good.

Like many of us today, we've suffered from work related stress and anxiety. So we turned to self-help books, meditation and hypnotherapy to help us become more aware of the harmful patterns that were affecting us both physically and mentally.

With this new found awareness, we were able to remove the pressure from our day-to-day lives and set about pursuing whatever it was that made us feel great. Our friends and family instantly began to see a difference and our fresh outlook on life even started to rub off on them.

As well as feeling better about ourselves and our relationship with food, we also discoverd the amazing buzz that came with sharing our experience with others. And so, The 321 Effect came to be!

Tying together a simpler approch to nutrition with mindfulness and spirituality, we created something that has the flexibility to suit anybody's lifestyle. And the beauty is: they don't have to compromise on the food they love either.

Please feel free to explore and enjoy our site to get to know us better. We recommend a good place to start is finding out more about The 321 Effect concept.


Fran & Luke

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