The 321 Effect

We think it's only right that you try out The 321 Effect before parting with your money.

On this page you'll find a delicious recipe and handy meal plan for both The 321 Effect and The Vegan 321 Effect.

Each week-long meal plan comes complete with a shopping list so you can get all the supplies you need to get the most out of our Healthy Hearty Happy ratio.

Through our recipes, meal plans and our 321 ratio, we provide our members with the structure they need to follow their journey to mindful eating and ultimately, happier living.

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Veganism has undeniable health benefits for mind, body and soul. So that's why we've taken our 321 ratio and applied it to a selection of delicious recipes and meal plans that are exclusively vegan.

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On top of planning your weeks meals for you, our members are also given a sample shopping list, letting you know exactly what you need to pick up from the shop for each weeks meal plans.

Here you can also unwind from the days events with one of our Mind effect meditations, our collection of Meditation, Yoga, Exercise and Life courses videos will be sure to help you live a happier and more peaceful life in no time.

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Remember 321 Effect members get access to so much more than just our recipes and meal plans.
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Membership Includes

  • Daily Diary
  • Food Directory
  • Happy Calorie Calculator
The Mind Effect
  • Yoga & Exercise Videos
  • Audio Meditations
  • Life Courses
  • Exercise & Wellbeing Classes
  • Items In Our online Store
  • With All of Our Partners
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