Veganism has undeniable health benefits for the mind, body and soul.

Whether your motivation is protecting the environment, animal welfare or perhaps you're just looking to save the pennies whilst losing some lbs?

There's no doubt that there are so many great and important reasons why people choose to go vegan.

Healthy Food

1/2 of your plate

Hearty Food

1/3 of your plate

Happy Food

1/6 of your plate

"We created The 321 Effect becasue we were done with fad-diets that didn't make us feel good. So we wanted to take the pressure away from what and how we eat; giving us the freedom we need to make a real difference to our lifestyles."

Eating a plant-based diet is a surefire way to feeling good but it can be tricky to stay on track.

So that's why our members utilise our awesome veganised shopping lists, recipes and ideas to help them to stay vegan savvy.

And guess what? You can try out our vegan recipes and meal plans for free, too.

As well as getting a buzz from eating completely animal-free, our members have full access to The Mind Effect; a space where we've handpicked our favourite wellbeing videos, audio and other content to inspire and help them along their 321 effect journey.

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